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The Great Ocean Road is a playground for sun seekers, surfers, wildlife lovers, and culture enthusiasts. Cruising the Great Ocean Road is ranked amongst the top things to do in Australia. 

Located less than 2 hours from Melbourne. The nearly 250 kilometre road encapsulates some of Australia’s most iconic scenery and gives visitors the opportunity to get close to wildlife.

We are a group of residents of the Great Ocean Road who want to share of our love of the region with you. We will do our best to provide you with local insights and the best ways to plan your vacation or weekend away with us. We hope to see you soon!

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Whichever seaside town you are visiting we have a guide for you. The top things to do in each town, places to eat and drink, festivals and more. Got a question about one of the towns along the Great Ocean Road? Click through for the answer.

It can be overwhelming to chose where to go and how long you should stay along the Great Ocean Road – especially when you have never visited the region before. So, we have compiled the best itineraries for you based on the length of your trip and mode of transport.

Hotels, motels, hostels, caravan parks, and apartment rentals are all available along the Great Ocean Road. From bare boned or luxury digs we have you covered with honest appraisals of the regions best accommodation. 

Start your journey!

Let us help you curate your own inspiring adventure along the Great Ocean Road. Whether you are going with the family, with friends, as a couple, or flying solo we have complied the information you need to make your trip as seamless.

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