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A Local’s Guide to Halls Gap

In the heart of Victoria’s Grampians National Park, lies the village of Halls Gap. The village may be small, but it’s big on things to do and places to see, offering a myriad of experiences for every type of traveller. Go on nature walks, explore peaks and waterfalls, learn about the region’s rich Aboriginal culture, go on an adventure, or simply kick back and enjoy a drink and a meal at one of the town’s wineries, breweries, cafes or markets. Once you’re in Halls Gap, you’ll never want to leave. It promises a visit that will leave you with lasting memories and make you want to come back again and again. 

halls gap

Halls Gap is located approximately 260 kilometres west of Melbourne and easily accessible by car. One of the easiest ways to get to Halls Gap is to fly into Melbourne Airport (if coming from other parts of Australia) and rent a car. If you’re looking for a car, we like DiscoverCars. They offer low prices, unlimited mileage and free cancellation. Once on the road, drive from Melbourne via the Western Highway and the Ararat-Halls Gap Road.

This is a popular route and the most direct way to get to Halls Gap by car. The route from Melbourne takes about three hours and offers breathtaking views of the Grampians National Park as you approach the village. After reaching Ararat, turn onto the Ararat-Halls Gap Road (C222), which leads directly to Halls Gap in the Grampians National Park. 

If you don’t feel like driving, join a guided Grampians National Park Group Tour from Melbourne to the Grampians National Park. Tours depart from Melbourne and include the best that the Grampians have to offer, from hiking beautiful trails and discovering waterfalls and spectacular views from iconic lookout points, all with a guide who will show you the best spots and provide interesting information about the area.

What to Do in Halls Gap

There is lots to do in Halls Gap and has something for everyone. From nature to history to food and adventure, you will never be bored in this quaint little village. 

Visit the Brambuk Cultural Centre

Located just 2.5 kilometres south of Halls Gap village, the Brambuk Cultural Centre serves as a vibrant hub for exploring and celebrating the region’s rich Indigenous culture and heritage. Operated by the traditional owners of the land, the centre is an architectural marvel, designed to reflect the cultural significance and natural beauty of the surrounding landscape.

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Inside, visitors are welcomed into a world of Indigenous stories, art, and history through a variety of interactive exhibits, guided tours, and cultural workshops. These experiences provide a deep dive into the ancient practices, spiritual beliefs, and connection to the land held by the local Aboriginal communities, particularly the Jardwadjali and Djab Wurrung peoples.

The Grampians National Park is known for its breathtaking natural wonders. The Brambuk Cultural Centre offers information and insights into the park’s diverse ecosystems, wildlife, and, importantly, its extensive network of walking tracks that lead to ancient Aboriginal rock art sites, hidden waterfalls, and majestic lookouts. 

Explore the Halls Gap Zoo

Halls Gap Zoo, Victoria’s largest regional zoo, is home to a vast array of native and exotic animals. Spanning over 160 species, visitors can encounter everything from kangaroos and koalas to meerkats and monkeys. The zoo offers an intimate experience with several animal encounters and educational talks, making it a must-visit for wildlife enthusiasts. The zoo also provides picnic facilities where visitors can enjoy their own food in a tranquil environment before or after exploring the zoo’s exhibits.

Go Chasing Waterfalls

The Grampians is home to some of Victoria’s most stunning waterfalls, many of which are accessible from Halls Gap. One of the highlights is MacKenzie Falls, one of the largest and most picturesque falls in the region’s most iconic waterfalls, with its power and steep descent to the base. In contrast to the power of MacKenzie Falls, the serene Silverband Falls features an elegant, slender cascade, surrounded by vibrant flora.

 MacKenzie falls

Fish Falls with its terraced waters, the unique ‘beehive’ flow of Beehive Falls and the smaller Clematis Falls are all well worth visiting. The strength of the falls varies between seasons, with the abundance of rain during early Spring seeing the waterfalls at their most spectacular.

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Explore the Nearby Towns

Use Halls Gap as your base as you venture out along the scenic meandering Mount Victory road through the Grampians National Park, or to towns like Stawell, Ararat, and Pomonal offer their own unique charm. Take a short 10-minute drive to Pomonal, home to the Pomonal Native Flower Show, held every October, as well as various arts and crafts markets, or head northeast for 25 minutes to Stawell with its rich sporting history, including The Stawell Gift, one of Australia’s most famous and historic footraces, held over the Easter weekend since 1878.

Or take a 40-minute drive to the cultural hub of Ararat with its variety of cultural and historical attractions, including the J Ward Museum Complex and the Ararat Gallery TAMA (Textile Art Museum Australia).

Grab a Drink

Halls Gap and its surroundings boast a variety of wineries and breweries. The Grampians wine region, known for its robust Shiraz and sparkling wines, hosts several esteemed wineries like Seppelt Great Western, established in 1851, that offers a remarkable underground cellar tour alongside tastings, Mount Langi Ghiran, acclaimed for its cool-climate Shiraz, and Best’s Wines, one of Australia’s oldest family-owned wineries.

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The craft beer scene in Halls Gap is brewing strong, with artisanal breweries like Paper Scissors Rock Brew Co serving a rotating selection of handcrafted beers, from refreshing ales to rich stouts. Their innovative brews, often inspired by local ingredients, offer a modern twist on traditional brewing methods.

Find Your Adventurous Spirit

For the more adventurous at heart, Halls Gap lets you get into nature, literally. Go fishing along the shores of nearby Lake Bellfield and Lake Fyans or explore the waters by kayak. If you’d like to get some adrenaline pumping, the valley surrounding Halls Gap is a rock climbing and bouldering paradise, with short cliffs and easily accessible sport routes for all skill levels scattered all around. Besides the physical adventures, guided horse riding tours and quad biking adventures offer a unique way to explore the Grampians’ trails and bushland.

Scale the Peaks

The Grampians are famous for their striking sandstone mountains, and hiking to their summits is a rewarding challenge. The iconic Pinnacle with its breathtaking views of Halls Gap and the surrounding valleys, Mount William, the highest point in the Grampians overlooking the Mount William ranges, and Boroka Lookout, accessible by car and offering panoramic views of the Halls Gap and the incredible natural beauty that it’s famous for.

halls gap canyon

Many of the peaks are accessible via walking tracks from the Wonderland car park. Trails vary in difficulty, catering to hikers of all fitness levels. Remember to pack snacks and lots of water, especially on hot summer days.

Get Close to Nature

Halls Gap is a bird watcher’s paradise and eagle-eyed birders can spot a variety of native bird species like kookaburras, the rare gang-gang Cockatoo and the majestic wedge-tailed eagle. The area around Halls Gap is home to wildflowers and unique plant life, especially visible during spring and early summer when the landscape bursts into colour. If you’d like to explore more of the area’s magnificent plant life, take a stroll through the beautifully decorated Grampians Flora Botanic Garden which showcases the region’s native flora in all its splendour. 

Tuck Into Something Delicious

Halls Gap and surrounds are a haven for foodies, with a wide variety of dining options ranging from cosy cafes to gourmet restaurants. Local specialties often feature native ingredients, offering a taste of the region’s bounty. The Kookaburra Hotel is renowned for its hearty meals and welcoming atmosphere, while the Halls Gap Bakery is a must-visit for those seeking delicious, freshly baked goods. 

Beyond the permanent eateries, Halls Gap’s culinary scene features an abundance of seasonal events and local farmers’ markets like the annual Grampians Grape Escape held in May each year, featuring food and drink stalls from local producers, cooking demonstrations and the prestigious Grampians Winemakers Barrique Auction. These events showcase the best of local produce, crafts, and gourmet foods, offering visitors a taste of the community’s vibrant culture and hospitality.

Staying in Halls Gap

With so many things to do in and around Halls Gap, you’ll definitely want to spend a couple of nights. There are several accommodation options to suit every budget, but if you really want to get close to nature, staying at a tourist park is the way to go. These parks offer tranquil, family-friendly camping, caravanning and even luxury cabin stays with incredible views of the surrounding areas while being close to the town’s shops and eateries. There are also several hotels and guesthouses if you’re looking for a more refined stay.

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Halls Gap is the perfect place for a weekend getaway from Melbourne, a relaxing holiday in nature, or a stay-over while exploring Victoria’s magnificent natural beauty. There’s nature, there’s food, there’s adventure and a whole lot of relaxing in this gem of a holiday spot.