Airbnb Great Ocean Road Australia

The Most Beautiful Airbnb’s along the Great Ocean Road Australia

Staying somewhere special on your holiday can make all the difference. Coming home after a long day of exploring you want to be comfortable and get a good night’s sleep. 

However, this collection of the most beautiful Airbnb Great Ocean Road stays, kick the notion of comfortable accommodation up a notch. Staying at one of these beautiful Airbnb Great Ocean Road options is an experience in and of itself. But even if you can’t afford the price tag of these luxury digs, they’re still nice to look at. Get ready to add these units to your Airbnb wish list! 

The Definitive List of the Best Airbnb Great Ocean Road Accommodation Options

Which of these will you crown the most beautiful Airbnb along the Great Ocean Road?

Scandinavian Timber Beach

Recently featured in the Real Living Magazine, this handcrafted beauty was designed by a professional Interior Designer. The soft palette and thoughtful details transmit a feeling of calm to everyone who walks through the door. 

Airbnb Torquay

This Airbnb, Torquay, features 3 bedrooms, an outdoor shower and can fit up to 6 guests. It is located in the heart of Torquay and will set you back $800 per night.

The Summer House

The Summer House is located in Jan Juc, just next to Torquay. It is everything you need in a summer house. This Airbnb Torquay has spacious common areas, an outdoor pool, and a large green space. It is stylishly decorated and we can’t get enough of the wrap around porch!

This beautiful Airbnb, Torquay, will set you back $850 per night and can comfortably accommodate up to 8 people in 4 bedrooms. 

Eagle Point

This ultra-lux rental in Aireys Inlet has been designed with the utmost attention to detail. A modern aesthetic dominates the house. Comptemory art adorns the walls, the furniture is stylish, and the sweeping views from the porch and plunge pool are breathtaking. 

Eagle Point is a whopping $1400 per night. However, it can accommodate an army of 12 people spread out over 6 sunfilled bedrooms. 

Windform House

Cleverly positioned on the hillside on over 70 acres of native bushland, Windform House has incredible views and an endless list of features. The house is stylishly decorated with high-quality furnishings and features floor to ceiling windows which encapsulate the Victorian coast. Outside there are private tennis courts, a private jetty, outdoor fire pit, an outdoor pizza oven, and so much more.

At $1550 per night, Windform House can be shared with 18 people. Which when you think about it that way, Windform is less than $100 a person. So perhaps, this Airbnb wishlist item is in reach after all!

The Beach House

Located in Anglesea, the Beach House is bold and beautiful. We love the interior decorating of this house, with its colorful high-quality furnishings and exposed timber roof. The outdoor plunge pool and wooden deck are a great place to while away the days. 

The Beach House is located in Anglesea, within minutes to the beach. Overall it comes in at $750 per night and can accommodate up to 10 guests.

The Shed

Airbnb Lorne

The Shed is an industrial-chic Airbnb, Lorne, with a large open concept entertaining space. It is located in the bush within walking distance to “downtown” Lorne. So, it is the perfect place for those waiting to come home to a forest retreat but for anyone who wants to be close to shopping and dining options, or who wants to spend the day at the beach.

The Shed is priced at $910 per night. This Airbnb Lorne can accommodate 14 guests in its maze of bedrooms.  


Airbnb Lorne

Serendipity perfectly combines good taste and good views. Yet, despite its high style and 4 levels, it’s an Airbnb Lorne that feels comfortable. It is located less than a 10-minute walk to Lorne’s downtown area but the house itself is incredibly quiet.

At $1300 per night, Serendipity is out of reach for most. But it is sure is pretty, isn’t it?

The Farm

Airbnb Lorne

The Farm is located about 15 minutes from the Great Ocean Road and Lorne on rolling pastures but its seclusion is part of its charm. This giant Airbnb, Lorne has to offer, includes a custom-built outdoor fire pit, a minimalistic design throughout the house, and an open concept living room and kitchen. 

The nightly rate for The Farm is $775. Given its beauty, it would be easy to forget about the coastline and just enjoy this incredible Airbnb Lorne for a couple of days. 


Airbnb Great Ocean Road

This alluring Airbnb, Apollo Bay, has exposed timber throughout the house, a cozy fireplace, and an upscale country charm. The deck and floor to ceiling windows offer up impressive views of the coastline and the bathroom has an imported Japanese soaker tub we would love to try!

Laputa is available at $689 per night. This Airbnb Apollo Bay is located on 13 acres and can accommodate up to 10 people per stay.

Cypress Hill

This stunning modern home is set on an acre in Marengo and is designed with clean lines and with the intent to bring the outside – inside. The floor to ceiling windows bathe this Airbnb with natural light. The appliances are high quality and we can’t get enough of that waterfall island.

Cypress Hill is $288 per night which makes it an obtainable Airbnb wishlist item. It fits 8 people in 3 bedrooms. 

12 Apostles Lodge

Airbnb Great Ocean Road

Located 15 minutes from the 12 Apostles, this luxury Airbnb Great Ocean Road is utterly unique. The skylights throughout the unit capitalize on natural light and offer up an opportunity to see the stars without catching a cold. It is beautifully decorated, with the woven rugs and the red fireplace acting as the centerpiece of the building. 

This Airbnb Great Ocean Road goes for $738 per night and can accommodate groups of 8.

Sea Ranch

Airbnb Great Ocean Road Australia

This exquisite Airbnb Great Ocean Road is all about views, views, views. It is perched on a clifftop, 50 meters from the sea in Wye River and was designed to capitalize on its prime location. Every room is kitted out with floor to ceiling windows. Meanwhile, the clean lines and luxurious furnishings give off a feeling of being in a resort or spa. 

At $616 per night, the Sea Ranch can accommodate 10 guests over the course of two stories.

Which is your favourite Airbnb Great Ocean Road?