Your Weekend Great Ocean Road Itinerary – 2 Days

This Great Ocean Road itinerary, 2 days, is perfect for those weekend warriors. It will give you just enough time to take to check off all the main attractions on the Great Ocean Road without lingering too long. 

Winding your through the Victorian coastline you will pass through lush rainforest and along cliffs of unfaltering beauty. We guarantee you will be wishing you had more time.

Great ocean road itinerary 2 days

Your Great Ocean Road 2 day tour will be packed from sunrise to sunset so make sure you have enough snacks, a playlist queued up, and battery on your camera to snap pictures along the way.

A Weekend Great Ocean Road Itinerary – 2 Days

Start your Great Ocean Road 2 days tour from Melbourne. Rent your car in the city and head straight to Torquay to start the drive. Leave Melbourne as early as possible to make the most out of your two days journey! It is a 104 km drive to the beginning of the Great Ocean Road in Torquay. 

Day One:

Day Two:

No Car? We suggest a couple Guided Great Ocean Road Two Day Tours

Day One: Torquay To Apollo Bay

Your 2 days journey along the Great Ocean Road will start in Torquay. The coastal town is famous for its surf culture and relaxed pace of life. From here, head southwest towards Lorne. If you have timed it right, you’ll make it in time for lunch. Afterwards follow the Great Ocean Road until Apollo Bay, where you will enjoy your overnight stop.

Great ocean road 2 days

The 93km drive between the two points can seem short. If you drive straight it only takes 2 hours. However, this stretch is packed with some of the best natural attractions along the Great Ocean Road.

1st Stop: Torquay

Torquay is a laid back beach town with a big heart. It has a walkable ‘downtown’ area which has some great shops and restaurants, a lovely foreshore, and a couple of beaches in Torquay.

Great ocean road itinerary 2 days

Known for its chic bohemian vibe, Torquay should be your go-to place to grab a coffee and stroll the beach before embarking on your Great Ocean Road tour 2 days. If you have a little longer then check out all the other great things to do in Torquay here

2nd Stop: Bells Beach

Arguably one of the most famous beaches in Australia, Bells Beach is a must-do on anybody’s 2 day Great Ocean Road itinerary, surfers or not. The beach is hugged by towering cliffs on each side and with barrelling waves out to sea.

Bells Beach Victoria Australia

If you have decided to embark on your Great Ocean Road 2-day tour over the Easter weekend, stop here to watch professional surfers challenge each other and Mother Nature in the Rip Curl Pro Surfing Competition.

3rd Stop: Split Point Lighthouse

From Torquay, head towards Lorne for about a half hour (28km) and stop at the Aireys Inlet’s Split Point Lighthouse along the way.

Great ocean road itinerary 2 days self-drive

Climb to the top for 360-degree views over the coastline. If you are interested in learning more about the history of the area then take one of the guided tours available at 11:00 am, 12:00 pm, 1:00 pm, or 2:00 pm. They last around 40 minutes. 

4th Stop: Lorne

Lorne looks like something out of a postcard. With its main street looking out toward Louitt Bay and the golden sand beach which frames it. The main street has a number of hip dining spots, so ensure you stop here for lunch.

lorne australia

On the west end of town you can find the Lorne Pier. Walk the length of it before hitting the road again and ask the fishermen along the way about their catches.

5th Stop: Erskine Falls

If you are a nature lover, then this Great Ocean Road itinerary, 2 days self drive trip will have to involve a waterfall! Opt for the Erskine Falls in the Otways. It is one of the most popular waterfalls along the Great Ocean Road and is over 30 meters high and framed by the lush green vegetation.

Great ocean road 2 days

The stunning view of the Falls is only improved by the fresh mist coming from the pool of water and the sound of the stream. The two lookouts from which you can admire the scene are reachable with a small walk from the waterfall. The upper one is only 5 minutes from the carpark, while the lower one is reachable by descending 240 steps.

Erskine Falls is 13 minutes inland from Lorne. 

6th Stop: Kennett River Koala Walk

Leaving the Falls behind, drive northwest for 45 minutes (32km) to the quaint seaside town of Kennett River. Park at the convenience store to walk the Kennett River Koala Walk. Once there, remember to keep your eye on the crooks of tree branches. It is a koalas favourite place to nap.

Great ocean road 2 days

The large population of these marsupials sleeping, eating, and chilling on eucalyptus trees has made the area a must-do stop on everybody’s Great Ocean Road tour. 2 days might not be a lot of time but it sure gives you a chance to check off seeing one of Australias most iconic animals.

Final Stop: Apollo Bay

Apollo Bay is where you’ll spend your first night along the Great Ocean Road. This little beach town has a protected beach and is popular with holidaymakers from Melbourne. Check into your Apollo Bay accommodation, head up to Mariners Lookout for sunset and then head to one of these Apollo Bay’s restaurants

We like to stay at Captains at Bay in Apollo Bay. It has beautiful views of the surrounding hills and waterfront, easy parking and the perfect walking distance from restaurants, shops, and cafes.

Day Two: Apollo Bay to Port Campbell

After getting a morning coffee and strolling the beach at Apollo Bay, start driving. You are now ready for your second day on the road.

Great ocean road itinerary 2 days self-drive

The second stretch of your Great Ocean Road 2 days tour will take you from Apollo Bay to Port Campbell with a stop at the 12 Apostles. The journey is only 87 km long (1 hour and 20 minutes), but you will be slowed down by the many things to do and see along the way. 

1st Stop: Cape Otway Lightstation

Situated in the Southernmost point of Victoria, this lighthouse is arguably one of the most famous ones in Australia. It was first established in 1848 and it is situated on the top of a 90 meters-high cliff. 

The light station overlooks the point where the Bass Strait meets the Southern Ocean, offering its visitors one of the best views along your 2 day Great Ocean Road drive.

Great ocean road 2-day tour

Here you can step out onto the Lighthouse’s balcony and learn about the history of the area, which is dotted with shipwrecks and tells the tale of Cape Otway. Moreover, here you can explore the ancient telegraph station originally built in 1859 and satisfy your curiosity about the indigenous culture of the area.

If you are visiting at the right time, take a minute to scrutinize the horizon in search of some of the playful whales that come close to the coast.

2nd Stop: Gibson Steps

Continuing north from Cape Otway, stop at Gibson Steps. From here you can look over the two giant limestone stacks towering over the horizon: Gog and Magog. If the weather condition allows it, descend the 82 steps that were carved in the cliff by Hugh Gibson, one of the first settlers.

Great ocean road 2 days

At the top of the 70 meters-high drop, you will be able to get an overview of the Twelve Apostles in the distance and another stretch of winding road ahead. If you are feeling up to it you can walk between Gibson Steps to the Twelve Apostles. It is about a 1 kilometre trail between the two. 

3rd Stop: The Twelve Apostles

The impressive rock formations of the Twelve Apostles near Port Campbell is one of the most recognizable attractions along the Great Ocean Road. Take time to enjoy the iconic landscape made up of peaks rising from the sea.

Great ocean road itinerary 2 days

There is nothing more refreshing then standing at the cliff edge and breathing in the fresh salt air. The light is beautiful at sunrise or sunset, but it can get very busy. So if you want to escape the crowds go a little earlier in the day. 

4th Stop: Loch and Gorge

Loch and Gorge is a few minutes down the road from the 12 Apostles in Port Campbell National Park and rivals the iconic attraction in its natural beauty. Golden cliffs encircle the beach and the turquoise bay.

loch and gorge port campbell

Visitors can read about the famous shipwreck, in which Loch and Gorge played a central role, on plaques around the cliffs edge. Afterward descend the wooden steps to the sand beach. Picnics are always a good idea at Loch and Gorge!

Tip: If you are headed back to Melbourne today, you can make the Loch and Gorge your final stop. Head to Port Campbell for some eats then hit the inland road.

5th Stop: London Bridge

London Bridge is a great place to admire the sunset. It is known for the rock formation located just off-shore and the expansive beach but most people don’t know that London Bridge is also home to a colony of penguins.

Great ocean road 2 days

At sunset, they can be spotted from the lower viewing platform heading home after a day out to sea.

Final Stop: Port Campbell

The tiny town of Port Campbell is the perfect place to end your Great Ocean Road itinerary – 2 days. It may be small but the locals are friendly and the town is outfitted with restaurants and Port Campbell accommodation for every taste and budget.

Celebrate your accomplishment with a craft beer at Sow and Pigs microbrewery. If you plan to stay the night, then the Sea Foam Villas are a nice pick. They are located directly across from the Port Campbell beach.

Alternatively, if you are keen on heading straight back to Melbourne then take the inland route. It is a short 2 hour drive back to the CBD. 

Guided Great Ocean Road 2-day Tours

If you don’t fancy driving yourself, a bus tour might be more up your alley. What we really like about taking a tour is that you will be accompanied by a guide which will give you insight and history into the area, point out things you might not have noticed otherwise, and maximize your time.

This 2 day tour is a good budget option. It includes a pick up from hotel in Melbourne, accomodation, morning tea and more. However, note accomodation is a hostel bed. This tour is known for their enthusiastic guides.

This 2 day small group tour is a more upscale option. It includes premium transport, accomodation at a 4-star hotel and a 2-course dinner at the award-winning Chris’s Restaurant along with other great amenities. It’s the perfect way to travel in style along the Great Ocean Road.

Either, way you’ll enjoy lots of great scenery and stops along the way. There is so much to explore on the Great Ocean Road. 2 days is enough to check out some of the highlights, but you could a lifetime exploring it all.

The itinerary we have laid out is just enough to give you a taste, so you’ll be back wanting more.

Have you driven along the Great Ocean Road for 2 days? What was your favourite stop?