Great Ocean Road Sunset Times and The Best Places to See It

Sunsets are one of life’s simple pleasures and a highlight of any day along the Great Ocean Road. Their explosions of orange, pink and purples are beautiful to watch. However, not all places are made equal when it comes to watching a Great Ocean Road sunset.

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Coordinate with your favourite travel companion and pack a picnic then consult the table of Great Ocean Road sunset times and pick one of the top places to watch it below.

The Best Places to See The Sunset Along the Great Ocean Road

If you are in the area, plan to watch the sunset at one of the following places below. Besides the 12 Apostles, these places are lesser known for sunset viewing so you’ll have a relaxing experience watching the sun go down.

12 Apostles

The 12 Apostles is the most famous place to see the sunset along the Great Ocean Road – and for good reason! Its elevated position and view of the rock formations make it a great place to see the nightly light show.

However, it can get extremely busy during the high season. So much so, it can be hard to find a spot without other people in your line of vision. To avoid this chose one of the other places to see the sunset.

Apollo Bay Marriners Lookout

Located in Apollo Bay, at roughly the halfway point of the Great Ocean Road, Marriners Lookout is the ideal place to watch the sunset. Expect panoramic views! Marriners Lookout offers a privileged view of the ocean, countryside and town below.

Just keep in mind, that you should be physically fit to reach the lookout. It is a 10-minute walk up the steep incline from the car park.

Lorne Pier

Located on the western side of town, Lorne Pier is a chilled-out place to watch the sunset and fishermen reel in their catches. This popular fishing spot and nearly 200 metres pier juts out into the ocean and making it the perfect platform for a sunset.

Cape Otway Lightstation

Home of the oldest working lighthouse in Victoria, the Cape Otway Lightstation is also a great place to see the sunset. Its remote position makes you feel like you are at the end of the world.

Unless you are staying at the accommodation or camping on site you likely have to drive a distance in the dark so be careful of kangaroos and other wildlife that becomes active at dusk. Apollo Bay is the closest town and a 35-minute drive away.

London Bridge

London Bridge has two viewing platforms. Choose from the upper or lower deck to enjoy the sights of the sunset and the arch formation which gave the area its name. Also, keep an eye out for the penguins which live on the beach below. At sunset, they return to their homes after a day of hunting so you are more likely to see them if you time your visit to London Bridge at dusk.

Port Campbell Beach

Located smack dab in the middle of the tiny town of Port Campbell is the beach of the same name. It has a large grassy foreshore making it a great place to grab fish and chips and watch the sunset. Port Campbell restaurants are located within just a few steps away.

Bay of Islands

Located en route to Warrnambool is the picturesque Bay of Islands. There are two lookout points at the Bay Islands, the main lookout and the western lookout to watch the sunset. It is a great alternative to the 12 Apostles since it also has a variety of rock formations to look forward to.

Logan Whale Watching Platform

The Logan Whale Watching Platform in Warrnambool doubles as a sunset-watching platform. If you get lucky, you might even be able to combine the two. If you ask us, watching whales at sunset sounds like a dream!

Places to Avoid Watching a Great Ocean Road Sunset

Sometimes people mention The Grotto or Loch and Gorge as good places to see a Great Ocean Road sunset. These interesting rock formations are beautiful as the light dances off of them at golden hour but they tend to block out the sunset especially at beach level.

For a wider view of the sunset and to watch the sun dip below the horizon, choose one of the places above.

Great Ocean Road Sunset Times

The following table marks the time of the sunset in 2021 for the 1st of each month. This table should give you a general idea of Great Ocean Road sunset times but they will differ slightly throughout the month. Check online for the exact time before departing on your road trip.

MonthSunrise AMSunset PM

Sunsets are a great time to reflect and take in all that you experienced on that day. If you are along the Great Ocean Road, don’t miss these special moments at one of the places we have listed above.

Where Is Your Favourite Place to Watch the Sunset Along the Great Ocean Road?