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The Ultimate Guide to Visiting the London Bridge, Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is one of the best road trips in the world and provides hundreds of kilometres of attractions along the coast. One of the most famous stops is the Great Ocean Road’s London Bridge.

London Bridge is a natural arch off the coast that offers one of the best views along the journey. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss in Victoria and no drive on the Great Ocean Road is complete without visiting the London Bridge and all it has to offer.

History of the London Bridge, Great Ocean Road

The London Bridge, also called the London Arch, formed over hundreds of years. The wind and sea eroded and separated it from the mainland.

Prior to 1990, London Bridge had a walkway connecting the attraction to the mainland so visitors could park their cars and walk across both of the arches for incredible views of the beach and ocean. It was common for tour groups to make an extended stop at the London Bridge to walk across it and take photos.

london bridge great ocean road
London Bridge prior to 1990. Photo courtesy of Mapio.

On 15 January 1990, one of the arches for the London Bridge collapsed due to natural causes. It was the link to the mainland, leaving behind one of the arches off the coast. Two tourists, Kelli Harrison and David Darrington, were famously stranded after the collapse but were soon rescued a few hours later by a helicopter.

What to See At London Bridge

The London Bridge evolved over the years, so you’ve likely seen photos of both versions of the bridge. Before January 1990, the London Arch was an actual bridge consisting of two arches leading out to a viewpoint of the Indian Ocean or the sandstone cliffs along the shoreline.

london bridge viewing platform australia

Today, the London Bridge is a sole arch formation in the ocean that you can view from the coast. The site includes two viewing platforms – upper and lower deck – to enjoy the sights of the bridge. Take a moment to take in the views of the turquoise blue waters from the sea crashing on the orange cliff – it’s a colorful sight that seems straight out of a photo.

Although tourists can’t walk out onto the bridge due to the collapse, the storied bridge in the foreground of the ocean makes the scenery even more picturesque.

london bridge australia

Many of the tours in Victoria arriving at the London Bridge provide time to take in the sights from the viewing platforms while hearing about the bridge’s history. The beach at the foot of the rock cliff is home to a penguin colony – you might even catch a glimpse of the animals if you visit at dusk or dawn.

When to Visit the London Bridge?

Many travelers along the Great Ocean Road include a stop at the London Bridge during their journey. It’s one of the most popular landmarks to see in the Port Campbell National Park. Between the large tour groups and the many travelers, expect there to be many people checking out the site throughout the day.

london bridge australia

The best time to visit the London Bridge is during the early morning or in the evening at sunset. The earlier in the day, the better. The morning time is the best time to see the bridge since you’ll avoid a lot of crowds. You’ll get to pick your spot on the viewing platform and have uninterrupted photos. 

The evening time is also a great time to check out the London Bridge. Views of the sunset behind the London Bridge are well worth it and a great alternative to the 12 Apostles at sunset.

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Getting to the London Bridge?

The London Bridge, Great Ocean Road, is located just west of Port Campbell in the Port Campbell National Park in Victoria. It’s only a five-minute drive from town and also accessible via public transportation.

london bridge walkway

When you arrive, there is a car park just a short walk to the viewing platform on a paved path.

Nearby Attractions on the Great Ocean Road

The fun thing about driving on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria is having lots of natural landmarks to see. Each site is unique and worth checking out to see some impressive rock formations and picturesque destinations on the coast. The London Bridge is nearby other popular landmarks like:

  • Grotto
  • Twelve Apostles

The Grotto

The Grotto is one of the most photographed locations along the Great Ocean Road, also a part of the Port Campbell National Park. It’s a naturally formed grotto that offers multiple perspectives. From above, you’ll have views of the ocean and see crashing waves along the shipwreck coast. It has information panels on-site for more information about the history and development.

The Grotto, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

Take the stairs down next to the car park into the grotto to see the unique limestone cave formed from erosion of the rock. The cave includes sinkholes. Peer through the grotto for an amazing view of the sea.

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Twelve Apostles

The Twelve Apostles is one of the most well known attractions on the Great Ocean Road. It’s a must-see site that you shouldn’t miss if you get the chance to see it. The apostles won’t be around for forever, so visitors come just to say they witnessed it since there might not be another time.

the most famous of Great Ocean Road attractions, the 12 Apostles in Port Campbell National Park

The Twelve Apostles consists of independent limestone stacks near the shores of the Port Campbell National Park. There were originally 12 apostles, hence the name, but now only seven remain. The rock stacks started as arches, but years of erosion collapsed the bridges, and the stacks remained.

There are multiple viewpoints to see the Twelve Apostles for incredible photos.

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Looking for things to do while driving on the Great Ocean Road in Australia? Travel to London Bridge inside of Port Campbell National Park. Despite it’s name it is not a walk in the UK, London Bridge is one of the most unique arch formations you’ll experience in this part of Victoria.

Learn about the bridge’s history and take advantage of the perfect photo opportunity. The Great Ocean Road London Bridge will be a landmark you’ll be glad you visited.

When Will You Visit the London Bridge Along the Great Ocean Road?