Restaurants in Lorne

The Lorne Restaurants You Need To Go To

The culinary scene in Lorne is considered the best along the Great Ocean Road. Lorne restaurants are diverse, cosmopolitan, and laid back. They will take you around the world without having you venture too far from the beach and the top things to do in Lorne, Australia.  

Here you can find Argentinian meat, Greek salads, Italian pasta and pizzas, Spanish paella, and Mexican tacos. Typically with a great view. There truly are restaurants in Lorne for every taste and budget – and these are among the best.

The Best Lorne Restaurants For Every Taste and Budget

MoVida Lorne

Located within Lorne Hotel and a few meters away from Lorne Beach, this upscale restaurant is the younger brother of Melbourne’s famous Spanish restaurant MoVida. The concept of this venue’s menu revolves around locally sourced ingredients and fresh products.

Movida: Restaurants in Lorne

Movida Lorne serves all of your pub and Italian classics revisited in a more sophisticated key. The seafood offered is fresh and the plates are refined and detailed. Head here for a glass of wine at sunset and enjoy the view of the coast.

The Salty Dog Fish & Chippery

Lorne fish and chips are known around the world for their freshness, so you can’t drive through town without stopping here! The Salty Dog Fish & Chippery serves huge portions of delicious beer-battered fish from late morning until 8.30 pm.

Lorne fish and chips

The Salty Dog is not the fanciest restaurant in town, but you can enjoy Lorne fish and chips as it is meant to be enjoyed: in a box by the beach!


If you are in the mood for a greek inspired meal, head to this sophisticated a la grecque restaurant in Lorne. Run by an authentic Greek family, Ipsos is perfect to treat your partner to a high-end dinner.

Loyal customers travel far and wide to dine on their signature dish of slow-roasted lamb shoulder, which is worth every penny of the $66 sharing dish. 

Since its humble beginnings in 1974, this greek taverna has risen to claim its title as one of the best restaurants in Lorne.


Mestizo is one of the Lorne restaurants born by chance. It was opened by the Argentinian owner of the Swing Bridge Cafe. The Argentinian BBQ nights at the Swing Bridge Cafe became so popular that the owner made the executive decision to open up an Argentinian dining room of its own. 

restaurants in Lorne

Mestizo is famous for its juicy grilled meat dishes, seafood tapas, and delicious cocktails. The restaurant itself is permeated by energetic Latino vibes and several events are held throughout the year to keep the dining experience fresh.

Bottle of Milk

Bottle of Milk has become something of a cult-classic along the Great Ocean Road. There is also a location in Torquay. The menu has over 20 burgers, many of which are vegetarian – and they are nothing like what you have seen before. There is also an extensive breakfast menu.

Photo courtesy of Bottle of Milk

Careful if you are sitting outside. The local cockatoos tend to reach for a chip or two if you turn your back for too long.

Pizza Pizza

You are never too far away from a good pizza on the Great Ocean Road, but this restaurant in Lorne is the king of authentic thin crust. The 11-inch pizza served here is topped with a cascade of tomato, melted mozzarella, rocket and any of your favorite Italian toppings.

lorne pub

At Pizza Pizza, they know that a good pizza has to be paired with a good wine so they boast a range of Italian bottles to choose from if you are dining in. The restaurant also welcomes BYO, but there is a $5 charge for corkage. They also offer a takeaway service.

Mexican Republic

What are the things you love the most about Mexico? Tasty tacos, vibrant music, ice-cold beers, and tequila? Despite, being one of the smaller restaurants in Lorne, this taqueria has all that and more.

Lorne Resturants

Mexican Republic was founded in 2012 by friends Matt and Arron. They are proud to serve homemade soft-corn tortillas, quesadillas, and burritos, all to be washed down with a Pacifico beer. They cater to vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free customers too. 

The Best Lorne Cafes To Start Your Day


Head to HAH for sustainable coffee and cake by the beach. Whether you are a gym-goer or on a diet, the health-conscious sweets, toasties, and banana bread will make your mouth water!

Lorne cafes

HAH is beautifully different from the rest of the cafes in Lorne, at this health-conscious cafe you are encouraged to get active. You can rent a surfboard or bicycle to get in that workout you have been putting off for a while. Enjoy!

Kafe Kaos

If you thought that Lorne was a relaxed spot, you have seen nothing yet. Kafe Kaos epitomizes Lorne’s laidback lifestyle. Here you can expect the patrons to greet you in shorts and a t-shirt – probably barefoot too. 

Lorne cafes
Sandwich at Kafe Kaos. Photo courtesy of Kafe Kaos

This is one of the most beloved Lorne cafes by locals and it is open from 7 am onwards. They serve all-day breakfast, sandwiches, burgers, wraps, and more.

Riverbank Cafe

This darling cafe is located in a quiet corner of Lorne on the banks of the river. They serve breakfast, lunch, and some great coffee. Some even say they have the best Long Black amongst Lorne cafes.

Lorne cafes
The Riverbank Cafe. Photo courtesy of The Riverbank Cafe.

Riverbank Cafe serves homemade dishes and goodies to indulge in with a hot drink. They have sausage rolls, toasties, breakfast sandwiches, and more.

Swing Bridge Cafe & Boathouse

The Swing Bridge Cafe & Boathouse overlooks Lorne’s historic swing bridge, which came into inception in 1934. Here you can order a cup of coffee and relax on the cafe’s veranda. 

cafes in lorne
The Swing Bridge Cafe & Boathouse. Photo courtesy of the Swing Bridge Cafe and Boathouse.

The owner serves fresh brioches with pulled pork or jerk tofu for lunch – just to name a few. Plus, we love that they offer free coffee to anyone who fills up a bucket of beach litter.

Sharkys Surf Shop

This is one of the most unique Lorne cafes but worth the find. Located inside Sharky’s Surf Shop, this cafe serves an unexpectedly good cup of joe and snacks for on the go. 

Logo T-shirt and a latte from Sharkys. Photo courtesy of Sharkys.

The staff are super friendly and can let you in on the local surf news or provide you will any tips on exploring the area. Afterward, peruse the shop for clothes or gear.

The Best Lorne Pub For Sunsets, Pints, and Good Cheer

Lorne Beach Pavilion

If you were wondering which restaurant along the Great Ocean Road has the best location, you might have found it. Lorne Beach Pavilion holds an unrivalled position, a few meters from the ocean. As you might imagine, the Lorne Beach Pavilion tops the list of Lorne restaurants to watch the sunset.

Lorne resturants

During the daytime, they are one of the best Lorne cafes, serving up flat whites and iced lattes on the deck. However, head here between 3 pm and 6 pm to see another face of this Lorne pub: the $7 pints at happy hour call-in sunbathing locals and tourists alike. 

Lorne Hotel Bistro and Beer Garden

Located a stone’s throw from the beach, the Lorne Hotel Bistro and Beer Garden is a rooftop Lorne pub with an astroturf lawn and great tunes. Often a band comes to play. The rooftop at the Lorne Hotel looks out toward the ocean and rivals Lorne Beach Pavillion as the best place to watch the sunset with a drink in hand.

Lorne Hotel
The Lorne Hotel. Photo courtesy of The Lorne Hotel.

This vibey restaurant is the most popular of pubs in Lorne. Families, friends, and partners frequent the Lorne Hotel. The menu is extensive, varied, and reasonably good; and the seafood platter is generous if you feel like sharing! 

Lorne Lifesaving Club Bar and Restaurant

As the name suggests, this Lorne pub is an extension of the Lorne Lifesaving Club. It is located on the banks of the main beach in Lorne and is open during the summer season for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Lorne Pub
The Lorne Lifesaving Club. Photo courtesy of the Lorne Lifesaving Club.

It has incredible views of the surf coast and is a great place to catch a meal or enjoy a coffee or beer on the deck. It is also the venue of the annual Pier to Pub run. If you were wondering, this is our favourite beachside Lorne pub!

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Which are your favourite Lorne restaurants?