The Best Aireys Inlet Pub and Aireys Inlet Restaurant For You

Aireys Inlet is a tiny coastal town on the first leg of your Great Ocean Road. While road trippers tend to pick this spot for a steaming cup of coffee and a chance to see the Split Point Lighthouse, each Aireys Inlet restaurant and Aireys Inlet pub is just as captivating!

The Best Aireys Inlet Restaurant For You

Little Feast

Little Feast is a great place to dine with family and friends since each dish on this Aireys Inlet restaurant menu is designed to be shared. The dishes are colorful and cooked with attention to detail. As well as made with only the freshest, local ingredients.

 Aireys Inlet Restaurant

Little Feast is open from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm each day. The dishes are inspired by international cuisine and made with an Australian flair. 

The decor at this Aireys Inlet restaurant is modern and warm. It is decorated with works of art from talented local artists and painters. Keep your eyes peeled for the artist of the month.

The Captain of Aireys

At some point, everyone gets a pizza craving. If you find yourself at this stage, head to this Aireys Inlet restaurant for the best, wood-fired pizza along the Great Ocean Road and other Italian specialties.

Aireys Inlet Restaurant

The restaurant takes its name from the historical Aireys Inlet’s figure Carl J. Carlgren, an entertaining and popular sea Captain who once lived in the village. Ask the staff at Captain of Aireys and they are happy to indulge more stories of his escapades. 

This Aireys Inlet restaurant is open from 11 am until late each day. It is the perfect place to stop to get some energy back after a few hours on the road or a day of exploring the region. 

A la Grecque

Overlooking the ocean, A la Grecque is the perfect Aireys Inlet restaurant for a romantic dinner. Head here just before sunset to enjoy a glass of wine on the veranda with a breathtaking view of the coast.

Aireys Inlet Restaurant
Dinner at A la Grecque. Photo courtesy of A la Grecque.

The menu is concise and each dish is a unique combination of Greek and Australian influences created only with seasonal ingredients. From A la Grecque, expect a sophisticated atmosphere, beautiful dishes, and a Mediterranean feel.

Aireys Inlet Fish and Chips

A classic fish and chips shop with a more Instagram-friendly touch, this Aireys Inlet fish and chips restaurant is located a stone’s throw from the beach.

Aireys Inlet Fish and Chips

Perfect to grab a delicious meal after a day of exploring or surfing. The menu is extensive, the fish sustainably caught, and every ingredient is locally sourced. 

The Best Aireys Inlet Pub For You

Aireys Inlet Pub & Salt Brewing Co. 

The historic Aireys Inlet Pub has been serving pints with a sunset view since 1904. Attached is the newly opened Salt Brewing Company. They make some of the best premium beer along the Great Ocean Road which is served in the pub. Think classic pale ales, lager, unfiltered IPAs, and seasonal beers. Pop in to see what’s on tap!

Aireys Inlet Pub

You will find all of your favorite pub classics on the Aireys Inlet Pub menu. The friendly staff serves fish and chips, Angus beef steaks, and tasty vegetarian and gluten-free dishes.

Aireys Inlet Pub & Salt Brewing Co is a stone’s throw from the beach and the Split Point Lookout. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner every day. As they say, “the bar closes when it closes” which tends to mean they are open well into the evening. 

The Great Ocean Road Gin Tasting Room & Gin Garden

There is nothing better than ending a hot day with an ice-cold gin and tonic at sunset. Located in a narrow side road 2 minutes’ walk away from the General Store, the Gin Garden is airy, spacious, and green.

Aireys Inlet Pub

We recommend their tasting option for a chance to try their varieties of small-batch gin. The Split Point and Guvvos Gin is award-winning! Snacks can be ordered alongside drinks.  

The Best Aireys Inlet Cafes

Onda Food House

In need of a coffee fix? Head here! Onda Food House is open from 7 AM for the early birds and serves the best vegan, gluten-free, and raw delicacies in the area.

Aireys Inlet Cafe
Exterior of Onda Food House. Photo courtesy of Onda Food House.

This modern Aireys Inlet cafe is located just past the town center and is perfect for a relaxing morning coffee. If you are here around lunchtime, don’t miss out on their refreshing salads, Acai bowls, and other cosmopolitan dishes. The outside seating is perfect to spend an hour enjoying the morning sun and trying to spot the area’s birdlife.

Mr. T and Me.

Looking for a cheap and cheerful Aireys Inlet cafe that will get your belly full? Mr. T and Me is a pillar of the hospitality scene in Airey Inlet. Located next to the General Store, this Aireys Inlet Resturant is open daily for breakfast and lunch.

Aireys Inlet Cafe

The menu is simple, featuring all your favorite classics: bacon, eggs, or granola for breakfast and burgers or salads for lunch. The friendly and relaxed atmosphere has made Mr. T. and Me a popular meeting place for families and friends.

Truffles Cafe & Deli

A deli counter that features Thai, Indonesian, Malaysian, and Italian dishes with an Australian twist? Here is Truffles! The coffee is great and the products are local and fresh.

Aireys Inlet Cafe

This Aireys Inlet restaurant is perfect for a quick lunch or a takeaway pizza while on the road. It is located just outside the town center. 

The Lighthouse Tearoom 

The food at the Lighthouse tearoom may be a tad overpriced but the location is unbeatable. It is located in a historic house with views of the Split Point Lighthouse. We recommend ordering a loose leaf tea and Devonshire scone.

The garden is spacious and has lots of sitting. Dogs are welcome to join their owners outside.

What is your favorite restaurant in Aireys Inlet?

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