The Best Things to Do in Anglesea Victoria

Flanked by the Anglesea River, Anglesea Victoria is a magical little beach town perched on the Great Ocean Road. There so many things to do in Anglesea Australia to make the most out of your trip!

Anglesea, Victoria boasts striking natural beauty. Its verdant gardens and scenic parks offer a variety of breathtaking flora which beckon nature enthusiasts to the area. While the local kangaroo population makes for some interesting wildlife viewing.

Anglesea beach

Bask in the sun or swim at the picturesque Anglesea beaches. Or grab a board and make your way into the surf at the Anglesea Surf Beach.

There a variety of interesting things to do in Anglesea which make it undoubtedly one of the top destinations along the Great Ocean Road. Although, more often than not, Anglesea is bypassed by international tourists and more sought after by persons holidaymakers from Melbourne.

Location of Anglesea Australia

Located in Victoria, Anglesea is just 15 minutes from Torquay which is the beginning of the Great Ocean Road. If you are travelling from Melbourne city, you will reach Anglesea, in about 90 minutes.

Anglesea History

Originally named Swampy Creek, for the river that bypasses it, the town was renamed Anglesea River in 1884 and finally got its current name in 1950.

Anglesea was greatly affected by the brutal Ash Wednesday fires in 1983 but the community rallied together to rebuild. The town has literally risen out of the ashes to offer many tourist attractions, a welcoming community, and gorgeous flora and fauna.

Things to Do in Anglesea Australia

There are lots of interesting things to do in Anglesea Victoria. If you’re visiting this seaside town, don’t miss the following.

Anglesea Golf Club

If you like golf and wildlife Anglesea Golf Club is a must-visit. Constructed in 1950 and known internationally for its kangaroos, Anglesea Golf Club is home to about 300 Grey Kangaroos.


Along with the 18-hole golf course, the club has 3 practice fairways, a driving range, practice net and 2 putting greens. If you’re there solely for wildlife viewing, you can enjoy delicious food from the bistro or a drink from the clubhouse bar.

Anglesea Beach

Anglesea Beach is a popular place amongst both locals and visitors. It is about 400m long and located at the mouth of the Anglesea River.

All levels of swimmers and beginner surfers can enjoy the Anglesea Surf Beach. In fact, it is one of the best places to learn to surf along the Great Ocean Road.

top things to do in Anglesea Victoria, check out the beach

This is due in part because of the beaches gentle rolling waves. The larger waves are abridged by Point Roadknight.

Learn to Surf

Visit Anglesea Surf Shop to rent a board and wetsuit or choose a surfboard from its vast collection of new or secondhand boards.

If you have never surfed before we recommend the following 2-hour surf lesson with Go Ride a Wave, Anglesea.


Their knowledgable staff will teach you all the basics and keep you safe while in water as well as supply you with a wetsuit and surfboard, and a hot shower and change room for after.

Anglesea River

Situated in the middle of town, visiting Anglesea River is easy and considered one of the top things to do in Anglesea, Australia.

There are several interesting and fun activities to do along its shores. From paddleboards to canoes to aqua bikes, Anglesea Paddle Boats has you covered.

Anglesea river, Anglesea Victoria Australia

Want to catch some fishes? Anglesea River brims with a variety of different species of fish and is a dream for fishing.

Surf Coast Walk

The Surf Coast Walk starts from Torquay, at the start of Great Ocean Road and is 44 km long.

However, the trail is made up of 12 sections of shorter trails, and its seventh section starts and ends in Anglesea, Victoria.

surf coast walk

Starting from the Anglesea Caravan Family Park, the 1.6 km long seventh section of the Surf Coast walks ends at the Anglesea Visitor Information Centre.

Take a stroll on the flat trail or enjoy cycling on its easy path which has no steps. You can also enjoy refreshments from several cafes and restaurants found along the track.

Once you do it, you’ll realize its no wonder the Anglesea section of the Surf Coast Walk is often touted as one of the top things to do in Anglesea. 

Anglesea Riverbank Market

Anglesea Riverbank Market is located in the Family Caravan Park on the banks of Anglesea River.

This outdoor market is made up of around 100 stalls selling a variety of items including toys, clothes, international food, books, jewelry, and many more local items.

Anglesea Riverbank Market

The Riverbank Market is a perfect place to buy souvenirs to remind you of your trip to Anglesea, Victoria. But, keep in mind this market doesn’t take place every day, so remember to check the schedule before visiting.

Coogoorah Park Nature Reserve

The verdant Coogoorah Park has a beautiful lake and a great playground for the kids. The walking trails that crisscross the Reserve are unpaved but are a good opportunity to get some exercise and enjoy the parks exquisite flora and birds.

Coogoorah Park Nature Reserve

If you love fishing, don’t forget to take your fishing rod when you visit this park.

There are BBQ facilities available at the park, which make for a great place for gathering with family or friends.

Point Roadknight

Point Roadknight is another gem of Anglesea, Great Ocean Road. Perfect for fishing and swimming, this absolutely stunning beach is one of the safest beaches in Victoria and a great place to spot hooded dotterel’s. While you’re there don’t miss checking out the interesting rock formations.

Point Roadknight Anglesea Victoria

You can reach Point Roadknight beach by taking the famous Surf Coast Walk. The eighth section of the Surf Coast walk starts from Anglesea Visitor Information Centre and ends at Point Roadknight.

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